Why should you tie the knot in Cornwall?

Why should you tie the knot in Cornwall?

We’re so lucky here at Gorgeous Weddings to be nestled in the beautiful unspoilt Cornish countryside and yet be within a stone’s throw of the clear Atlantic ocean. It’s the perfect wedding location for so many reasons which made it so tricky to pick just five – but we’ve managed it. Read on for our top reasons to get married in Cornwall!

Who’s up for a pre- or post-wedding surf?

There aren’t many better ways to clear your head than getting in the sea. It’s perfect, whether you’re looking to feel grounded and centred for the big day, or blow away the cobwebs the morning after! Being by the sea is also great for your guests; stormy or calm, it’s always a spectacular backdrop for photos.

The most delicious wedding dinner – and breakfast

Cornwall’s food and drink are well known for their quality – with such lovely natural surroundings, it’s no wonder that our local produce is so mouthwatering! Imagine a fabulous wedding dinner topped off with a delicious Cornish cream tea (jam first, remember), or a full Cornish wedding breakfast! With internationally award-winning wines, ales and beers, you can’t go wrong if you’re looking to stock a bar in Cornwall and, whether you’re after a meat feast, a mouthwatering cheeseboard or a heap of hearty fruit and veg, we’ve got you covered.

Look back on a wedding filled with timeless elegance

Whether you’re a creative, quirky #instaweddings fiend, or adore the classic style and spread of wedding photographs, it’s difficult to improve on the beauty of nature for the setting of your special day. Whether you take your first steps into married life barefoot on golden sands with waves lapping on the shore, or you’d prefer to stroll through a wooded winter wonderland, Cornwall’s epic land and seascapes are equal to the most exotic overseas locations.

Escape from the hustle and bustle

Getting married is one of life’s biggest organisational challenges, so a rural or beach location like Cornwall is the perfect tonic to the stresses leading up to the big day. And let’s face it – getting around to seeing everybody at a wedding is difficult enough, but with the right venue, you can ensure that you’ll only see the people you’ve invited to share your special day with you. Keep things simple by getting away from the hustle and bustle of town or city and wake up to the next chapter of your life with fresh air and clear skies instead!

Bring the pressure down with a game of beach cricket

Everyone has those nerves on the big day – getting all the logistics right, bringing together all your guests, and then the excitement of the ceremony itself – so we think a quintessentially Cornish icebreaker to bring the pressure down can only be a good thing! What about a game of beach cricket to help your guests relax, unwind, and get to know each other better? And if cricket’s not your thing, how about a scavenger hunt (trust us, it’s just as fun for grown ups as any little ones if you hide the right treasures…)?

See? It’s obvious that Cornwall is the perfect wedding location. Whether it’s a stunning backdrop, the mellow atmosphere, quintessential entertainment or delicious local delicacies, our beautiful county’s got a lot to offer. What do you think; did we miss anything?